Large Room Up Lighting
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Uplighting, Up Lighting or Mood Lighting

Large Room Package (175 – 225 Guests) = 18x Up-Lights and 3x Up-Lights for the Head Table, only $300
(This package is also included in the Dj/Photo Booth Combo Pack)

Are you looking to create a certain mood or atmosphere for your event? Would you like to hide certain defects in your venue's decor?

Up Lighting, also known as ambiance or mood lighting, is a great way to create an elegant and unforgettable atmosphere at your event while making a less than stellar venue shine like the North Star. The best part, it's cheap!

We offer 14 different colors of lighting that may be mixed and matched to create a mood for every kind of event. Availble colors include: Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and White

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Large Room Up Lighting

Price: $300.00
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