Sunday 2/19/2017  Dewitt, Low Moore to Rocky Waters
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Sunday 2/19/2017  Dewitt, Low Moore to Rocky Waters

Departure time: 10:30 am from Dewitt

Departure time: 10:45 am from Low Moore

Arrival Time: Noon


Wine & Paint Tours Include:

* Limo Bus Ride to and from Winery and Vineyard

* 3 Hours at Winery
* Wine Tasting
* Van Gough Style Painting on a 11"x 14" Canvas
* Live Music on Patio (Depends on Date)
* Indoor or Outdoor tasting and painting (weather permitting)
* Hay Rack Ride through Vineyard (weather permitting)
* Vineyard Tour (weather permitting)
* Sensory Class and Education
* Checkout Our Other Special Events! 

* 1 Hour Special Surprise Destination Stop for a local cultrul experience After Wine Event

 * Meal: Galena's Best Pizza from Procentos Pizzaria Cooked in Brick Oven at Rocky Waters Winery and Vineyard

Trip Requirment 16 Guest

If Requirment is not met trip will be canceled. We can move your reservation to a different event or refund the amount.

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Sunday 2/19/2017 Dewitt, Low Moore to Rocky Waters

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